Gender pay gap has been a significant problem in most firms, and it is only fair to face it head on since everyone deserves quality pay for jobs they perform. Sometimes the gender gap can be seen manifesting itself in the whole economy. This is mostly possible when women are far less likely to have lucrative professional careers as well as advancements to senior positions. Here are common errors which cause pay discrimination and how to avoid pay disparity as well as how to avoid major pitfalls.

Common errors which cause pay discrimination

Negotiation – women, have to do more negotiations to get what they want and hence reduce the pay gap. Some research show that women compared to men are less likely to negotiate their salary, and this might be attributed to their lack of confidence and proper guidance. Sometimes the problem is how the women are treated when they make negotiations.

Employer bias – sometimes employer make bias decisions when allocating salaries, these decisions conscious or not are a considerable cause of the pay gap. These employers do not rate women as highly as they should thus ending up not paying them their dues.

Motherly penalty – many mothers end up suffering work-related consequences once they have a kid. New moms are often seen to have lower competence and commitment compared to men and childless women. This makes working mothers face higher professional expectations and also the options of lower chances of promotion or hiring.

24/7 work culture – sometimes companies expect a lot of commitment from their employees to an extent they expect emails to be answered at 11. PM or work calls on weekends. This type of excessive work culture usually penalizes employees with caregiving responsibilities who are mostly women. Women face significant difficulties in balancing work and private life compared to men.

How to avoid pay disparities

Eliminate negotiation – studies show that women compared to men do not perform well in negotiations, sometimes women end up accepting the first offer a potential employer offers. It is unfair to favor men since they have better negotiation skills especially when negotiation is not a job criterion for the work proposed. When we examine senior employees with differ degrees of experience might be inconvenient, but it would be shallow when applied for hiring entry- level employees.

Transparency around pay – transparency can be used as a tactic for pay equity because it will help remove any questions for gender- associated pay. Pay transparency in the workplace will make both women and men aware of what their colleagues are earning, and they can openly address any inequality.

Improve feedback and performance reviews – there should be increased accountability in performance evaluations maybe by adding a third party to help out with the assessment. This will also help check unconscious biases in the workplace.

How to avoid major pitfalls

Train your workforce – all employees and managers of a firm should be regularly trained on a variety of issues to prevent lawsuits. It is essential for new employees to comprehend the anti-discrimination and harassment prevention training. Also, employees should understand how overtime and scheduling work.

Do not ignore employee complaints – if employee complaints are ignored, this will lead to unnecessary lawsuits. Ignoring employee grievances may reflect poorly on their work quality. You will also stand a chance of losing your employees to rival firms.

Evaluate employees regularly and adequately – regular employee performance reviews can be a good incentive which will make sure they improve their performance and both the employee morale and the general morale in the workplace.   

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