Recently the cannabis industry has been experiencing a high growth rate. The growth rate can be attributed to many factors such as legalization of cannabis in many states worldwide. Also, advancement in technology has made sure that marijuana can be infused with the food industry. Now users get to decide how they want to ingest their weed, as well as the intensity and strength of the plant. Many famous chefs have decided to venture into the weed business leaving back their five-star hotel jobs. New food startups have also sprouted because of trying to making a profit from the marijuana food industry whose popularity is exploding.

Why the edibles market is booming

Edibles are becoming more preferable to consumers over the conventional marijuana smoking since they have a broader appeal. They also don’t have the same harmful effect on the lungs and are less eye-catching when consumed. Edibles are no longer considered a means to an end as users want to the consumption experience to be worthwhile before the resulting high. Advanced technology allows for the concentration of THC (psychoactive element in cannabis) and CBD (relaxing element) to edible marijuana products for preferred effects.

In most countries, the food industry is a billion dollar sector which implies that it takes up a massive percentage of the country’s economy. The food industry is split into various portions, delivery, delivery trucks, food trucks, food retailing, food service, arenas, stadiums and institutional services among others. These portions are distributed all over meaning they access a good part of a state’s population. With the cannabis market exploding, this means that its exposure will be all over thanks to the existing food industry channels. Anyone will be able to access and ingest cannabis-infused food conveniently and discreetly through set laws and regulations in legalized states.

Some companies may decide to view cannabis as a superfood. Since the cannabis plant is packed with nutritional values, food enterprises might use it as the next omega-3 or probiotic option. Marijuana contains many elements some of which include protein, carbohydrates, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, vitamins E and C, insoluble fibre which are beneficial to human health.

Doubts and disincentives of edibles

Even though the edibles market is booming, there a lot of doubt and lingering questions about the products since its effect can be very diverse. Proper legalization and regulatory framework are yet to be established as countries are waiting to see how the cannabis market will affect Canada pending its legalization. Many people are bothered by the danger edibles pose especially for children since they will be directly exposed to the product. Food companies are the most paranoid when it comes to food-safety matters since just one recall, tragic incident or outbreak can lead to massive losses, closure or irreversible damage to the food enterprise’s image.

It is too early to tell whether the cannabis food market will be the lucrative go-to option for consumers even though its popularity is growing fast. The food industry is hugely adversative, and it will not be any different for cannabis. Until the market is ready, edibles might just have to chill until conclusions are made.

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