The workplace administrators should have a tool or system which when implemented should help avert overpayment cases. Overpayment may occur due to duplicated transactions, ill-timed processing of unpaid leaves of absence, late terminations or job contracts not ended on time, administrative errors, work schedule hours not completed correctly, time reporting errors among other reasons. A proper anti-overpayment tool will help save the business a lot of money which in turn can be reinvested into the firm. The following are practices guides which will help build the best overpayment prevention tool or system.


You should ensure that the workers have accrued enough leave days and that they are available to them before processing any request for a leave of absence. You should be able to access employees’ accrual balances. The employees’ time records should be reviewed on time so that their leave time taken is recorded excellently.

If an employee is almost exhausting their leave accruals, the HR department should be promptly notified so that they correctly process the leave of absence in the payroll system. Also if an employee terminates their contract, or if they are unexpectedly terminated, the HR representatives should be notified as soon as possible. This is to process the termination in the HR database system.


There should be a timely and adequate record of employees’ schedules and their time records. This will be handy for future references. You should also allocate enough accruals so that there are sufficient leave accruals for employees before they request for a leave of absence.


Terminations should be processed promptly, if possible, they should be processed before or on the date of termination. If a worker is unexpectedly terminated, the HR representative should be informed so that they handle the situation correctly. This also applies when the worker terminates between monthly payroll cutoff date and the first of the following month.

Unpaid or under timed leaves of absence

In a situation where a worker is on an unpaid leave of absence, and it is unknown if the worker will report before the end month, the unpaid leave should be extended to a specified date the following month.

If an employee returns to work before their scheduled leave is over, then the HR representatives will be informed, and they will review their policies to come up with appropriate pay for the worker.

Train the HR representatives

The human resource department since they hand all the payroll duties should be adequately prepared for their role in the workplace. This means that the HR representatives should be adequately trained in their line of work, thus preventing overpayments before they occur. This will help prevent overpayment due to administrative errors.

When a well-develop plan for preventing overpayment is implemented, the business will run smoothly and avoid unnecessary lawsuits. The plan should include a robust front-end process of obtaining employee time record, training of HR representatives, and policies and ways forward to correct an overpayment.

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