This commonly used phrase is meant to emphasize the need for relaxation that later translates to better work output as Jack sits in a class. On the same line of thought it would be unrealistic to expect employees to provide their best in terms of work output while disregarding their home situations entirely. It is indeed true that the work place isn’t the most appropriate place to air one’s dirty laundry but feigning ignorance to whatever goes on in people’s lives will lead to a low work output as employees need to find the perfect work/life equilibrium.

Everybody is going through life, it is the main aspect of being alive, and hence everyone may be going through something at any point in time. Whatever people go through may at times influence their performance in a work environment which brings in the HR department in terms of ensuring that the workers are able to find the work balance that would benefit both the company and the employees. The following are examples of how HR officials can help their employees in achieving the right work balance.

Listen to the Employees

To be able to figure out a perfect balance one needs to be aware of the needs of the employees. By interacting with them and asking them directly what they need or require for a perfect balance one would be able to get exactly what would be beneficial. Other ways of collecting the required data could be instituted whereby the employees fill out a survey in regards to various balance related factors.

Getting to know the employees is also very essential that way it would be easy to assign appropriate schedules in respect to the employees’ lives. For instance a mother with children wouldn’t be assigned the same schedule as a bachelor living alone. The key to establishing the appropriate work/life balance that benefits everyone is by actually listening to what the employees need for it to happen.

Bring Your Family to Work Day

Targeting the lives of the employees is the easiest way to ensure that their lives and their work are in a perfect balance. Organizing an event where on a specific day the employees get to bring their family members to work where they can enjoy fun games and treats is one way to get to know the employees better. The event would also ensure that the employees spend quality time with their families which would bring about healthier relationships amongst themselves and with other employees.

Watch Out for Burn Out

In most cases it is very rare for an employee to admit that their performance is affected due to being tired. The main reason why employees feel the need to shoulder their fatigue without informing their superiors is the fear of losing their jobs or being seen as incapable of handling certain tasks. However, fatigue is a normal human process that everybody goes through. Being tired doesn’t necessarily mean that an employee is lazy; it just means that the employee may have worked too hard on a certain project or it may also mean that there is an imbalance in their work/life situation.

Burn out can be mostly spotted in the form of absenteeism, frequent errors, apparent physical exhaustion and many others. The duty to note employees that may be burnt out falls to the HR officials. Since it is their jobs to help employees achieve the perfect balance between their lives and their work it would therefore fall to them to note employees that clearly have an imbalance in the same and help them amend it.

Flextime and Telecommuting

In this modern day and age the efficiency of employees in regards to the intensity of the work they do is more important as compared to the amount of work that they do. Introducing flextime in a work environment would allow the employees to choose their own schedules. However, the management or HR officials can set a limit that could either be an hourly limit whereby they are required to work for a certain number of hours per week or it could be goal or task oriented whereby they are required to finish a certain task in a week or day and that would mark the end of their work for that week or day. Telecommuting is also a great way of ensuring that employees have ample time to live their own lives. By working from home on one or two days the employees can complete their tasks in their own time and get time to spend with their family or friends. This would go a long way into ensuring that the perfect work/life equilibrium is attained.

Health Initiatives and Creativity

Physical and mental fitness are some of the necessities for improved work output. A compromise of any of the two would lead to an imbalance in the equilibrium that is essential in the successful running of the business. Therefore to ensure that the employees are both physically and mentally fit the management should come up with ways to ensure that the employees are taking care of both. For one the management could organize retreats, sports days or office classes such as yoga on Wednesdays whereby all the employees are required to attend.

To cater for their mental fitness, the management could allocate time for them to pursue creative interests. They could hold talent shows or innovative competitions where the best employee receives a reward. This will not only keep the employees fresh and creative but it will also motivate them to work harder while still achieving the perfect work/life balance.

The fate of any company or business lies in the hands of its employees. How the employees go about their various tasks is what determines the quality of what they offer to the clients. It is therefore very important that the employees are provided the best environment for them to work in. The term environment in this case doesn’t only mean the physical but also the psychological environment. The perfect psychological environment can only be achieved through ensuring that the employees have a perfect work/life balance in addition to the perfect physical work environment.

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