Academic performance is something that every student pursues. How a student performance affects how their life will turn out. Student performance at high school level is a strong determinant for whether the student will go to college or not. Student performance at the college level is a strong determinant of the type of job that the student will get. It is clear that student performance determines very many aspects of a student’s life.

The performance of a student is motivated by numerous factors. From factors such as the promise of a reward to supportive parents and teachers and even a conducive environment. All these factors affect the performance of a student in a positive way. There are, however, factors that affect the student’s performance in a negative way.

Factors That Influence Student Performance

There are very many parties that come together to ensure a student receives an education. From all those parties there exists factors that influence the students’ performance. The following are factors that influence the students’ performance;

Student-Related Factors

Issues that affect a students’ performance that is solely student related can be both external and internal. These factors affect the students to a point where they are unable to perform exemplarily. The following are examples of student-related factors that influence performance;

  • Bullying

Due to the advancement of the internet, bullying has been revolutionized. In past times bullying would have meant physical harm brought about by other students. However, many students have fallen victim to cyber-bullying. Any type of bullying affects the concentration a student should have on their studies. Bullying causes students to fail as they are worried and scared of their bullies at all time.

  • Lack of self-motivation and Laziness

Motivation is a very key aspect of learning. Being motivated can determine whether a student will go the extra mile to attain good grades or they will just do nothing. Most students that fail lack self-motivation. Since other people will not always be there for motivation, self-motivation ensures that students are able to motivate themselves to perform better. Students that lack self-motivation are more likely to fail.

Laziness is also another strong factor that affects student performance. However much information and guidance are offered to a lazy student it will not incite them to work hard, they are still more likely to fail.

  • Learning disability

Learning disabilities such as dyslexia in most cases affect the performance of students in cases where it is undiscovered. Other learning disabilities will automatically hinder student performance as those students will require special attention.

Teacher-Related Factors

Teachers are an integral part of a school and a student’s performance. Teachers are responsible for guiding students in the right paths to ensure that they succeed in their education. However, they could also affect student performance in some cases. The following are teacher-related factors that hinder student performance;

  • Lack of experienced teachers

The experience of the teacher is directly reflected in the information and knowledge he or she offers to the students. An inexperienced teacher will most likely use poor teaching methods which would lead the students to not comprehend what they are being taught. The quality of the information dispensed by the teacher and how the information is dispensed is very important. The lack of experienced teachers will in most cases lead the students to fail.

  • Classroom management issues

In most countries, the teachers have serious class management issues. The ratio of teachers to students is unhealthy in some countries. This affects the students’ performance greatly as the teachers will strain to teach and the students will struggle to hear and be taught. In cases such as those, the students are not motivated to learn as the environment is not conducive. It is also unlikely for students to fully invest themselves in their educations in such cases.

Family-Related Factors

Family issues affect students greatly as they are the foundation from which the student emerges. The conditions facing the family will be part of the student even as they are in class. Some of the family issues include;

  • Poverty and illnesses

Poverty as a factor that affects a students’ performance is very impactful. Poverty determines where a student goes to pursue their education and whether they have all the necessary requirements. Most poor families are unable to provide the basic school necessities for their students to learn which affects the student’s performance gravely.

Illnesses such as HIV/AIDS and cancer also affect the mindset of the students to an extent where they end up failing. Such illnesses cause stress which diverts the students from their studies hence impacting their performance.

  • Lack of interest in Childs education

Most families especially in urban areas, the parents are too busy working to pay attention to their children’s education. In such cases, the students lose focus in their education because they do not see it as important. The need for money and to provide their children with other resources hinders these parents from scrutinizing their children’s home works and progress reports. In the end, the performance of the student is affected.

The benefits of education cannot be denied. Education has provided people with skills that they can use in their day to day activities. Education enables people to attain jobs and good salaries among other benefits. It is, therefore, important to understand all the factors that can affect education and students’ performance. Finding solutions that solve the variety of this problems is tied with understanding the factors. Teachers, students, and family members should strive to learn about this factors and work to conquer them together.

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