There are various roles that need to be played by a leader in any organization. A leader has very key roles that he or she has to oversee for the general running of the organization. Leadership styles were instituted to aid in the running of businesses and organizations. Effective leadership affects the whole business, company or organization. It is, therefore, clear that the type of leadership style implemented affects the whole organization.
Ways in Which a Positive Leadership Style Benefits an Organization
Varying leadership styles base their principles on certain issues. A certain leadership style may be directed at achieving employee loyalty while others may be directed at customer appreciation. However, a good leadership style incorporates all the key tenets that are needed for the success of an organization. The following are some positive impacts that are brought about by a good leadership style;
Improved productivity of the workforce
A good leadership style is aware of the needs of its employees. To increase the productivity of the employee there are a number of things that need to be looked into. To begin with, the working conditions should be favorable. An appropriate working environment translates to employee motivation. Secondly, employees need motivation; this could be in the form of benefits or even monthly rewards for the best employee of the month. Lastly, it is essential to value employee feedback. The employees need to be listened to as they could have valuable insight regarding the business or organization.

A good leadership style as contrasted with a poor one would ensure that the needs of employees are catered for. A good leadership style acknowledges the need for a motivated workforce. It will, therefore, concentrate on ensuring the well-being of the employees for further productivity.
Confidence in the workforce
It is important for a leader to have confidence in their workforce. The employees are in charge of the day to day operations. How a leadership style regards the employees is essential in determining whether the organization will succeed or not. As mentioned before employees are very essential to an organization. Having confidence in employees translates to one being able to trust them to work without supervision.

A leadership style that emphasizes the loyalty and comfort of employees is very helpful. A leader needs to be able to trust his or her employees at all time. A positive leadership style creates a routine where the employees need little supervision and are highly motivated to work for the organization. A bad leadership style would concentrate on maximum supervision which would waste a lot of time. Additionally, a bad leadership style has little regard for employee loyalty which means the employees will have no obligation to be productive for the organization.
• Improved listening and communication skills
Feedback is a key aspect of a business. Other people’s views are essential because they give an idea of what other people think and expect. A good leader has to have efficient listening and communication skills. A good leader has to know when to speak up and when to listen. With the help of a good leadership style, a good leader should be able to institute projects aimed at collecting the views of their employees and also those of clients. Such projects could be instituting a suggestion box or any other technique aimed at receiving feedback.

A good leadership style ensures that the feedback received is appreciated and used appropriately. Whether it is a criticism or a positive remark, a good leadership style is able to incorporate it into the business if it’s appropriate. With time a good leadership style hones the leadership qualities of a leader improving their listening and communication skills. The leader is able to interact with others effectively. A bad leadership style would be more aimed at dominating the employees. Feedback wouldn’t be an essential part of the process which would lead to poor productivity.
Improved emotional intelligence
A good leadership style improves more than just the mere intelligence of a leader. A leader is tasked with organizing and managing people. Employees being people with thoughts and feelings can make it hard for a leader to manage them appropriately. However, a good leadership style is helpful in that it guides one to develop emotional intelligence. The emotional intelligence comes in handy when it comes to dealing with other people’s emotions.

A good leadership style will equip a leader with various techniques in dealing with other people. At all times a leader would be able to sensitively deal with emotional matters brought forth by their employees or customers. When it comes to certain comments and words a leader would be able to evaluate whether it would be taken offensively or politely. Basically, a good leadership style sensitizes a leader to the pleas of their employees. A bad leadership style, on the other hand, would lead to cases like sexual harassment, low motivation, and many other negative tendencies. This would be as a result of a lack of emotional intelligence or sensitivity to the employees.
• Improved ability to deal with risks in business
A good leadership style, with time, prepares a leader to be able to detect risks in business and in the well-being of the organization. A good leader is able to predict the likelihood of risks causing losses to a business and is, therefore, able to prepare for such situations. The leadership style has well-outlined guidelines that are to be taken in any such cases.

A good leadership style incorporates early preparation which would, therefore, be used in such a situation. A bad leadership style, on the other hand, would not have any guidelines for dealing with probable risks. A leadership style should incorporate objectives, guidelines and target points where the organization can check against if they are in line with the initial objectives.
A good leadership style results for a number of advantages for any business or organization. The ability of a leadership style to cater to the problems of an organization is determined with the contents of the leadership style. A positive leadership style doesn’t only prevent the organization from incurring losses but it also improves basic leadership skills and improves the cooperation of the employees.

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