Most employees and employers value positive feedback over negative feedback. This is an understandable factor in the business industry, but the two types of feedback can both be beneficial.

Positive feedback informs an employee or employer that they are in the right track. Negative feedback in most cases is taken negatively because of how it is interpreted. The customer is always right is a saying that is famous in business and that should be highly adapted by employees and employers.

Following the saying that the customer is always right negative feedback should be taken as an indication of a problem within the organization. Both negative and positive feedback can, therefore, be used to improve the business generally. The following are ways in which both negative and positive feedback can be important in a business setting;

  • Customer Service

Customer service is crucial in the successful running of a business. Feedback from the customers plays an important role in determining whether the customer service being provided is effective or not.

To begin with, positive feedback from a customer indicates that the service provided is as expected. Most positive feedback inform the employees or employers that their customer service is effective. Positive feedback motivates the employees and employers to keep on promoting the same effective customer service techniques.

On the other hand, negative feedback points out the customer service techniques that are not pleasing to the customers. An angry customer that presents negative feedback may be hard to deal with but once an employee or employer takes time to know the reason behind the anger they can use it to their advantage. Understanding what aspects of a product or service has angered the customer is the first step at improving the customer service offered.

  • Career Development

The running of a company or business relies on the individual employees and employers. The conduct of the staff reflects on the success of the company. When it comes to positive feedback regarding staff conduct and employer is able to make note which employee training techniques are most efficient. They are able to build on their positive attributes to ensure that they maintain their productivity.

Also, when a certain field in an organization receives positive feedback the employer can work to train other employees to adapt the same training in the whole department hence developing the careers of the employees.

Negative feedback is also essential because it points out aspects of the employee training that are facing shortcomings. Once a customer gives negative feedback about a certain aspect of staff conduct then an employer is aware of what areas need improvement. To counter negative feedback employers can put in place appropriate training programs, assistance in the receiving of ongoing education to better their training.

  • Sales Methodology

For a company to be successful they need to be aware of their target market. Coming up with a target market for a specific business requires time and a lot of trial and error in terms of sales methodology. With the trial and error methodology the employees and employers are faced with numerous right and wrong decisions.

In sales negative feedback is highly appreciated as it offers a lot of information about customer preference. When an employee or employer is faced with negative feedback they can use that chance to learn about what the customers would prefer. By accepting and learning from the negative feedback they are able to tune their sales methodology to suit the customers’ needs.

When it comes to positive feedback in sales, they build upon their confidence and body of knowledge. Receiving positive feedback in sales is an indicator that the employee and employers are abiding by the expectations of their target market. Positive feedback also informs the employees and employers what the customers are looking for. By utilizing both negative and positive feedback employees and employers are able to tailor their sales methodology to suit the needs of their target market.

  • General Growth

The growth of a company is reliant on numerous aspects. To begin with the sales of the company are vital in the growth of the company. Another aspect is leadership, customer retention and other such aspects. All these aspects can be improved upon by use of both positive and negative feedback.

Positive feedback from customers and vendors is crucial in ensuring that the company gets improved credit which enhances the growth of the company. By successfully paying their vendors on time and managing their current business appropriately the employees and employers ensure that the business can be expanded.

Negative feedback from prospective new clients can be able to pin point exact aspects that need to be changed for the business to be promoted. By making the required changes employees and employers are able to attract new client hence ensuring that the company grows tremendously.

When it comes to employees and employers, feedback is very essential. Whether the feedback is positive or negative should not matter. For an effective running of a business or organization both types of feedback should be utilized. Negative feedback though not popular can be utilized to ensure that the business runs smoothly. Negative feedback can be adapted to make the necessary changes within an organization by the employers and employees. Positive feedback on the other hand is great at marking progress and knowing what is being done right. By incorporating both negative and positive feedback employers and employees are able to further improve themselves and their businesses.

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